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One of the most innovative technologies developed by Solar is Tan Thru®, a fabric that has been patented worldwide and provides the wearer with an all-over tan. The swimwear in the Tan Thru® collection are completely opaque – wet or dry – but permeable for the rays of the sun which, of course, also means that the wearer must be wary of a sunburn: Tan Thru® guarantees some sun protection equivalent to a sun crème with SPF 4-8 – depending on how much the fabric is stretched. The material dries very quickly, is breathable and elastic and therefore provides maximum wearing comfort. And it won't only last for one season. Tan Thru® is extremely resistant to wear and tear and will even withstand extreme conditions (such as sliding on exposed aggregate concrete).

Frequently asked questions

1.Is the Tan Thru® suit see through?

The Solar Tan Thru® suit is guaranteed not to be seen through when worn wet or dry. This remarkable feature is achieved with Solar's uniquely beautiful prints, which create a high contrast of colors. The carefully designed patterns results in an optical inability for the human eye to see past these specially designed prints when the suit is worn.

2.How long will it take to achieve an all over tan?

It will depend on your skin's ability to produce melanin, which is the pigment that darkens when human skin is exposed to sunlight. This is a gradual process person dependent. Continuous tanning also ensures a longer lasting tan.

To achieve an all over consistent tan with no lines, it will be necessary to use a SPF lotion of 4 to 8 (or higher as needed) on skin which is not covered by the suit. The SPF lotion will work in conjunction with the suit's built in SPF filtration of UV, thus resulting in an all over tan.

3.How does the suit work?

Solar's unique patented fabric is made by using a special knitting technology that creates thousands of tiny pores in the fabric. These pores act as a shade fabric, and filter approximately half the sun's light. This filtering process is comparable to the SPF between 5 and 10 depending on skin type, time of day and UV index.

4.Is it possible to sunburn through the suit?

It would take a rather prolonged exposure on an mid summer day to get a sunburn. The key to adding a little color to your life is moderation. Overexposure to the sun will not help you achieve a tan any faster and of course is not recommended.


Dry Weave® was originally developed for high-performance swimmers and continuously improved in collaboration with top Olympic and competitive athletes bringing it to the current state-of-the-art standard. An exclusive high-tech fabric developed by Solar to absorb minimal water. The benefits include no added weight from the water and quick drying.

Dry Weave repels water so that fewer water turbulences are created while swimming. Gliding and flow properties are improved – a very important factor when a thousandth of a second is decisive. It is, therefore, not surprising that Dry Weave® is called the “Formula 1 Fabric” in competitive sports and that Solar has established itself in the premium segment of high-tech swimwear.

The fact that Dry Weave® is also represented in the fashion industry is due to the additional benefits offered by this fabric. Not only does it dry in seconds but it is also very light and breathable, 100% color-fast, has above average chlorine resistance and is, therefore, guaranteed to provide long wear.