Solar Company was founded in 1927. With traditions in technology and design, Solar has grown from a small family business to an expanding international global brand.

Our advanced technology has produced patented swimwear for those simply enjoy relaxing out in the sun or the demanding active water athletes. 

Tan Thru allows no line tanning with UV protection. No more tan lines. Get a beautiful even tan without the harmful effects of the sun.

Dry Weave is a fast drying fabric for the most active competitors. Our breathable fabric reduces friction and rashes, treating your skin gently while you go all out.

Our high standards are manifested in our design, quality, comfort and innovation.

  •  Design: elegant, distinguished, vivid, graceful and elaborate
  •  Quality: fabric, production, durability, and sustainability
  •  Comfort: cut, stitches, technology, and feel

Our philosophy to provide patented technology for the best quality and value consumes the company from top to bottom, using skin-friendly materials and adopting eco-friendly production methods and packaging.

Technology and individuality. Express yourself with our unique design and beautiful patterns. Elegance and style without compromises. Enhance your lifestyle at the beach, the spa, or the pool.